For all you sneakerheads that like to know the history behind shoes brands, Lacoste has created a site that will definitely tickle your fancy. The site, 24teeth.com, is not only dedicated to the lines history, but also providing a premier portal for its trend collections.

Using the brands founder, René Lacoste, for inspiration, 24teeth.com will be a focal point for all trend collections, showcasing new products, previewing forthcoming collaborations, films, special projects and events. There are also forums and discussion areas to help fine tune the facts for you Lacoste aficionados. In addition, you history buffs will intrigued by the interactive time line on the site that illustrates the Lacoste brand history.

History Behind The Name
The Lacoste brand was founded in 1927 by tennis legend René Lacoste. Nicknamed “˜The Crocodile’, René was famed for his on-court tenacity, “˜never letting go of his prey’. Whilst crocodiles have many, razor-sharp teeth, precisely 24 are used to bite into their prey. Hence the name of the site, 24teeth.com.

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