With the recent news that the Nike Zoom Revis 2 has been cancelled (or is close to cancellation, depending on who you ask), Calvin Johnson now stands as Nike Football’s top signature athlete.  Then again, that was probably confirmed when Johnson stared in a commercial with the omnipresent Diddy during the start of the NFL season.  And while Johnson’s debut signature, the Nike CJ81, won’t garner headlines among sneakerheads the way that their basketball counterparts would, the potential is there for a line that has a long tail rather than a one-hit wonder a la the Revis.  Hey, somebody has to finally take the mantle away from Deion, right?  It’s been a minute..

We recently got our first pair of the CJ81 in the KoF offices (aka my backyard) and it couldn’t have come in a better colorway.  Entitled the “Motor City” as a tribute to the city that Calvin plays for, this might be the best colorway of the CJ81 yet.  Check out our pictures and the video above and let us know what you think about the “Motor City” and if the CJ81 line can grow and have a good run with future releases.