Rox Brown is on fire. A face of Billionaire Boys Club, a Crooks & Castles model, a DXC ambassador and she works for V Files, too? Yes, she is thoroughly a Chick on Fire. In addition to modeling some of the freshest streetwear brands and pursuing a career as a celeb reporter and hosting events, Rox Brown loves kicks. And we love Rox Brown.

Earliest memory of kicks

My earliest memory of kicks was when I was about 4 but that wasn’t the most memorable. My family was going through a rough time financially when I was about 13 and I was at the age that clothes and sneakers really mattered. My mom spent her last to buy me a pair of Jordan 16s because she knew how bad I wanted them. That’s when I decided I was gonna work so hard that I could have em all if I wanted.

How did you get into modeling and video journalism?

Modeling kind of happened on accident. Ever since I was young and became more aware of style I’ve always been a little unusual with my style and people started to notice — then modeling just happened. As for broadcast journalism, I was on the path to pre-med when I took a production class as an elective and fell in love with being on camera.

Most memorable interview?

My most memorable interview was with 40oz Van. He’s a good friend of mine but I could never get him anywhere  for quite enough time to chat. One day I texted him like “Yo, we gotta get this done.” He pulled up to my house the next day in an old school Chevy and my neighbors were in awe. We got the interview done outside of my house that day.

Favorite streetwear brands?

BBC will forever be one of my favorites. I think Astrid Andersen is great, Bape is a classic.  Anything with the classic Nike logo and I’m really starting to like Hood by Air.

What’s currently on your feet?

My current favorites: my pink and white Charles Barkley’s that were released back in 05.

I know you’re a Juicy J fan, so if your kicks were one of his songs:

I think Juicy J is the dopest thing ever and funny you would mention him because he was featured on a Miley Cyrus song called “23.” He’s on the chorus and it goes “Jay’s on my feet so get like me” so that’s def the most relative song to my kick game.

Most challenging part of being a female in the culture?

There really aren’t many challenges once you understand what you want, what you’re going to do and how you’re gonna do it. Once you figure that out and carry yourself in a respectful manner, everyone else treats you with respect. You just have to show everyone you’re not just a cute face.

Last pair of kicks you bought?

The Fire Red Jordan 5’s which I have yet to wear.