Your best-selling jersey of 2014. Believe.
Your best-selling jersey of 2014.  Believe.
Your best-selling jersey of 2014. Believe.

Words: Kris Gladney

People laughed when I bought Charlotte Bobcats season tickets (to be fair, Kris, it is funny – Juan), but those tickets quickly became worth every penny once I was invited to the Bobcats season ticket holder town hall meeting hosted by His Airness, Michael Jordan. We were then let in on some interesting details regarding the Bobcats transition to the Charlotte Hornets and thanks to a little help from my friends @bringbackthebuz I’m able to share some details.

  • The Bobcats organization is working with the league to retain Hornet’s records, and retired numbers.
  • Considering how bad the Bobcats history is and the Hornets history at least proves it’s one of the more liked teams during their first tenure in Charlotte this isn’t a bad move.
  • Jordan wants to be on the court more often, but has been warned by the league for talking to players and the referees. I guess even being the best comes with problems. It’s not surprising when you consider how many NBA players are either his friends, on his payroll, or consider him their idol.
  • According to Jordan, “[he] could have played for Mike Dunlap but [he doesn’t] play anymore.” Now we can we finally put this to rest.
  • Jordan Brand is looking to create Charlotte Hornets apparel. This is by far the most interesting thing I learned at the Hornets errr Bobcats Town Hall. It was pretty much a given that this is something Jordan would be interested in putting out but it begs the question what he does he mean by apparel (note: adidas is the official uniform and apparel provider for the NBA until 2017 – Juan)? Jordan Brand has been releasing more and more Charlotte-oriented retros, including this year’s Grape 5 and Black Grape 5 retros along with the return of the Charlotte 10s at the start of next year. It’s very likely we will see more original purple and/or teal Jordan’s in the future although whether it will actual Hornets branding on it remains to be seen.