As a Brooklyn lyricist and graphic designer, Fresh Daily took on his moniker because he prides himself on being innovative. And while that commitment makes for an incredible work ethic, his dedication to fresh leaks over to his style, too. And he is no hybebeast. While everyone else is standing in line for the next retro Jordan, Fresh is about that exclusive John Varvatos drop. He’s currently working on a follow-up to his last project, recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks, “The Brooklyn Good Guy,” but he recently chatted kicks with us.

Earliest memory of kicks?

Owning a pair of Ewings from the Dr. Jay’s bargain table in the Bronx. I feel like they might’ve been $19.99 or $24.99 at the time.

It’s no secret you’re a fan of Converse over Js. Tell me about it.

It’s not so much that I prefer Converse over J’s. I never owned a pair of J’s until I was in my 20’s. I definitely owned a pair of Converse sneakers before then. I won’t wear Chuck Taylors because they hurt my feet unless they’re premium or John Varvatos, but I love the silhouette. Jordans have always been a sign of hood opulence. I love the Jordan brand, but I hate the hype. Also Converse shows me love and they’re very vested in making music a big part of their branding.

How did you come to be involved with Converse musically?

Converse opened a studio called “Rubber Tracks” in Williamsburg that was free to artists to use if they signed up online. I made sure to sign up. They gave me an all day session and the song I recorded made it to someone from Converse’s ears. They liked the music and me as a person. Opportunities arose to create more music together. I’m very grateful for those opportunities for the music to be heard on a bigger platform with a company I really respect.

What’s your collection look like?

My kick collection really started in ’04 with the Nike Dunk and the AF1. I eventually ditched the AF1 since the heel/sole was too chunky for me personally. I became a dunk fanatic and would buy a pair almost every Thursday or every other Thursday because that’s when my paychecks cleared. The comfort factor was super high and they looked amazing. They were also the first sneaker I ever saw that had themes and were inspired by non-footwear related things. A Silver Surfer inspired dunk? A Japanese Good Luck money cat inspired dunk? A dunk inspired by Heineken colors? So many to choose from some rarer than others.Around ’09 the silhouette started to seem less versatile for me. As I got older my style evolved. Also, as I got older there were more important ways to spend my money and I became very aware of my commercial viability as an artist with a voice on style. There’s nothing wrong with being a collector of joints you like as long as you plan on wearing them. Once I saw clothing companies were willing to sponsor me and send me clothes, I figured it was a matter of time before a shoe company would. The question was: Who?  Converse answered that call. Now my collection is 80% Converse. I’m a big believer in American heritage brands. They usually tend to know what they’re doing in their field if they’ve been doing it 25 plus years, I’d assume.

Collection gems:

Dr. Romanelli Beetle vs Popeye x Converse, Comme Des Garcon x Converse, Converse John Varvatos Double Zip Snakeskin, London Converse Pro Leathers and Converse First String Dr. J Pro Leather “Horween” Pack.

When’s your next project coming out?

When it’s done, honestly. Much to my label and managements chagrin, I mostly write when I’m inspired. When I’ve collected enough songs that make a cohesive project, I put it all together and turn it in.

Last pair of kicks you purchased?

Burgundy Leather New Balances 574’s & Nike SB mids

Favorite pair of kicks this year?

Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III “Three Lies” and Converse Camo Jack Purcell

Song we should check for:

“Laced Up” on “Brooklyn Good Guy.”