adidas Originals and Big Sean (@bigsean) first teamed up in 2012 with the Pro Model: Detroit Player then again in 2013 with the Pro Model II Hall of Fame. But their third collaboration takes a new direction with the Big Sean x¬†adidas Originals¬†Metro Attitude. As you can see in the images above by @jazzyrae, the shoes are Hawaiian inspired (that’s where the G.O.O.D. music fam records) with a snakeskin leather and floral print upper. The kicks, $165, hit shelves on Sept. 13.

Earlier this week we spoke to Big Sean about his partnership with adidas, his style and more. Get to know the story behind Big Sean’s Metro Attitude:

What’s your earliest memory of adidas?

Probably when I got my first pair when I was like four or five – shell toes. They were white with black maybe blue stripes. I remember having them and thinking they were some of the coolest shoes. I wish I had a picture.

The Pro Model has consistently been your adidas of choice – what about the Metro Attitude caught your attention?

It’s just another one of my favorite designs. I am a fan of the classics – the Pro Model, Shell Toes Stan Smiths. And the Metro Attitude has always been one of my favorites since the Patrick Ewing. It’s classic and I am excited to have my own. Every shoe tells a different story, shares a different part of my life. It’s cool to get that out and be a part of the brand that is dominating culture.

What story does your Metro Attitude tell?

Hawaii is definitely one of my favorite places of all time. Working out there wit Ye and the whole G.O.O.D. fam and not just them, but a lot of artists have elevated their artistry out there. I remember being out there with Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj and we’re all out there learning from each other. Some of the most critical points in my career came from waking up in paradise and getting to work. That energy it brought made me the artist I am and gave me the confidence to do what I do. Every time I see that shoe I think about that.

What is the design process like with the adidas Originals team?

Very simple. It would be way harder if I had to make a new silhouette and new style of shoe. I am not taking full credit either. It’s a collaboration. A lot of it is their idea and us adding our own flavor and textures – things like the “Finally Famous” lion. Adding that and a quote from “First Chain” featuring Kid Cudi and Nas: Dreams stopped being dreams when I turned them into goals. The customization and concept of the shoe is authentic. Whenever you look at something and it reflects a time in your life, it is successful.

You’ve talked about style being important to you – and you always rep for the D. I noticed snakeskin is a constant in your aesthetic – is that a nod to fur and animal prints often celebrated in Detroit fashion?

Yeah man. We love animal prints, snakeskin, all of that. Furs, faux furs, whatever it may be.

Would you describe yourself as a sneakerhead?

I have some very rare shoes, closets full of shoes. I am not the biggest sneakerhead but I have some stuff that sneakerheads would kill for and some very rare adidas.

Every sneakerhead has a few pairs in their collection they consider gems – what is yours?

Probably these rare camo BAPE x adidas “Super Ape Star.”

I read an interview you gave once, where you talk about wanting to do more than just be famous. The quote on your red Pro Model Detroit Playas was “I say I’m still dreaming bigger than I’m living” – where are your dreams taking you now?

A different place. People will see that way more in the music. I’m not going to talk about it, I can show you better than I can tell you and it’s almost that time. I hope adidas will be a part of it in a big way. It’s definitely something that means a lot and I can’t wait for people to get it.

You’ve talked about reading to stay centered – what books have your attention now?

I just finished “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz – it’s a very well known book and a must read.

This month alone, we’ve seen you drop heat with Travi$ Scott, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande and more – how do you choose your collaborations?

Whatever I want to do, whatever makes sense. It comes from an organic place. I have known Travi$ Scott for a long time. I have known Ariana for a long time. Mostly everyone I collab with are friends of mine so it’s pretty cool. I don’t know Maroon 5, so that’s on a professional level, but I don’t do that often. Usually I know everyone – G.O.O.D music fam, Nicki, YMCB, Wayne, Drake, all those guys.

If the Big Sean Metro Attitude were a song, what would it be:

It’s a song off the new album. I can’t tell you yet.