Just in time for #ChicksOnFire Tuesdays, we’re doing verbal backbends with Aubry Marie, the sneaker loving yogi that we can’t get enough of. She’s been putting in work in the art of yoga since she was a kid – peep the picture of young Aub in the gallery. Even back then, she did it her way. No lie, Aubry doesn’t just stretch work, her kick game is trill. She brings the Namaste to her soul and her soles. And to think, several years ago sneakers weren’t her thing.  But her career as a videographer took her a lot of directions – and one of them led right into a sneaker boutique. That’s the beauty of kicks – the door to discovery is always open. 

Earliest memory of kicks?

I moved to California about 7 years ago, that was the first time I was introduced to someone who collected kicks. He was a friend of a friend and we kicked it often, but I just couldn’t understand this guy’s obsession with sneakers (and he always had some sort of matching shirt or hat which I found odd). Flash forward 6 years, this guy opened Kolorblind Shoes. While I was working with a musician to produce his music video he requested we include kicks, lots of kicks, and somehow Stu Keller (of Kolorblind Shoes) and I ended up crossing paths again- this was the beginning of my sneaker collecting.

How long have you been doing yoga?

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for about 10 years. Contorting and stretching as long as I can remember. I finished yoga teacher training in late November and I’m beyond excited.

Yoga is typically done barefoot, what inspired you to start rocking kicks?

I was taking pictures of Gretchen (you may know her as @marsartist) in her art studio, and after I snapped her photos we decided to try a few acro yoga shots. The floors were filthy so we kept our kicks on. Wearing kicks makes some poses a cake walk, and other poses nearly impossible. I like that challenge plus I’m a sucker for fashion.

Favorite yoga pose?

Dancer or a backbend for sure. Backbends are energizing while dancer is pretty and can be done anywhere. Plus, I’m good at them.

Last pair of kicks you picked up?

I picked up a pair of South Beaches a few weeks ago (I still find myself just staring at them). Most recently I picked up a pair of Ewing 33 Hi’s, I love that all white with the gum bottom!

If those shoes were a song, they would be:

Murder by Justin Timberlake “cause everything below your neck killin’ everything, next it’s murder.”

Tell me a little bit about the work you do in the world of kicks:

I aim to inspire and motivate with creativity, fashion and fitness.

What can we expect to see from Aubry Wiltcher in 2014?

Big things. Sneakers. Travel. Yoga. Video.