She goes by AirKarina, a self-proclaimed Jordan Goddess.  The title is fitting. She’s just 30 pairs shy of owning all of the Jordans (with some prerequisites: important to her, size 6,  Jordans 1-28 and some fusions, too).

“I am almost 100% loyal to all things Jordan and Nike. I am on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as AirKarinaBx23 and I am simply trying to show the community that we can do more than just buy and sell sneakers. I am connected to the “Sneaker Mafia” which is a group dedicated to loving the community the right way and trying to restore the community to its original greatness,” she tells me.

Her goal is to give back to the community she loves. She hosts monthly raffles to help bring awareness to causes, like domestic violence. Her ultimate goal is to partner with Jordan Brand. With or without that collaboration, we know AirKarina is fly.

Earliest memory of kicks:

I’d have to say watching the Bulls vs Knicks every time they were shown on television in the 80’s. My Father (RIP) told me to watch Michael Jordan and I was hooked! I begged for his shoes but, of course, was told they were simply too expensive. I cried to get a pair of Bordeauxs and was repeatedly told no.

What’s on your feet right now?

Black Toe XIV’s

It’s very beautiful the way you connect kicks to causes – like domestic violence awareness. Can you talk about bringing depth to the community?

Being a Domestic Violence Survivor, it was simply heaven sent for me to do this raffle with all proceeds benefiting the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). I teamed up with the magnanimous Mache275 and he is doing a free custom for the winner of the raffle! Our community has come under much negativity with rigged rsvp’s, back door deals, resellers and unfortunately violence amongst each other. I am blessed to know people like Clark Kent, Suraj of Sneakerroom, SneakersforScholars by SoleChasers and many others who have shown me how amazing it is to give back. I simply can not wait to give more back to a community I have been a part of for 17 years!

How do you feel about the term female sneakerhead?

It does not bother me at all, I am a female sneaker head. I exude all things sneakers. People are shocked when I wear high heels and a dress, which I love. Terms come and go for our community. As long as I am not disrespecting myself for exposure, I am content.

You make it a point to life women up, why do you think people perpetuate the catty female stereotype?

Simply put, a lot of us are catty. I can only speak for myself but I adore women who have a true passion for our lifestyle. I could care less if a woman has more shoes than me or a better quality collection than me. My numbers will slow down as I am brand loyal and have not jumped the bandwagon into other brands. My cattiness arises from personal attacks. Unfortunately for a lot of women, this is the only relevance they have in their lives and have to attack others to feel good about themselves. I will continue to follow and meet all the women who love this world as much as I do.

The last pair of kicks you bought were:

Send Help 2 Nike SBs

If they were a song they would be:

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon