Words and Images: Joe Sherman

Hype. “Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion, or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional materials.” Who can relate to this more than the King himself? We now live in an era where technology and instant gratification have reached heights we have never seen before. Which in turn makes things entirely too accessible now. The “latest thing” replaces the “latest thing” week after week. The old heads or OG’s are forgotten and left behind for the young gun with the snazzy moves. But through it all, one thing has stayed true. There is no replacing LeBron James.

Whatever LeBron does in his life, gets national news. “LeBron just bought two hamsters!” CNN. “LeBron says he’d rather have Fruity Pebbles than Captain Crunch!” Yahoo. You get the point. The same goes for the King’s sneakers. LeBron has managed to put together a catalogue of shoes that have helped change the game. From the highly anticipated Nike Air Zoom Generation, “South Beach” Nike LeBron 8, to the “Cork” Nike LeBron 10. Each shoe made a staple in sneaker history and by the looks of LeBron’s latest release, he plans on making more.

When pictures initially surfaced of the Nike LeBron 11, the sneakersphere immediately began to right the shoe off. People said they looked like some kind of spaceship. Or that the sneaker looked like a Decepticon or Autobot (which I didn’t know was a bad thing). But I personally think that this is a top 3 LeBron sneaker. For the first time ever the shoe featured the Nike Hyperposite, Flywire, and Hyperfuse technologies all-together, which I think surpassed all the hype and expectations. The combination of stability, lightweight, and comfortable goes far beyond its predecessors. It also offers a much sleeker look, which has been a knock on previous LeBron signatures.

But that’s enough of me talking. I know I was suppose to taking these shots on my porch but I decided to take my talents to the “Fountain of Freedom” in the Princeton area get some pictures for you all. For you who haven’t gotten your hands on these yet, enjoy some of my favorite night shots of the latest “King’s Pride” Nike LeBron 11 (they are worth the retail price).