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A little over two weeks ago, we asked the Kicks on Fire community to vote for the greatest Air Jordan of all-time. Naturally, this led to some heated discussions in the comments sections – not surprisingly the word “hypebeast” was used a lot – about the merits of each particular sneaker. Some were arguing for that it was the design that ultimately wins out in the end, while others were saying that it depends on the colorway and historical significance (ie. whether or not Jordan played in them) of the sneaker that matters more. What this exercise ultimately proved is that while people are all going to have different opinions as to what they think the best Jordans, there are absolutely no surprises with regards to the cream rising to the top. So here are the results of the voting along with a few choice quotes taken from comments section of the voting page unedited for maximum enjoyment. If you don’t agree with the results, sound off in the comments section here.

28. Air Jordan 2011 (0 Votes – 0%)Jordans Reader's Choice - 26

Wow, not a single vote for what some consider a very underrated Air Jordan. Well, at least those who actually own a pair and have played in them. Does this mean you should be discouraged from picking up a pair? Nope, if anything, you’re happy as a fan that means you can stock up and wait for the inevitable retro release ten years from now when people will be clamoring for them.

Sean Johnson from Facebook thinks you’re a hypebeast if you don’t pick what he thinks is “right”:

If you mention a shoe that Jordan never played in, you may be a hype beast. There is no possible choice, how do you pick between 3,4,5,6,11,12,13?