For those of you who weren’t aware, Ken Griffey Jr. was recently inducted on to the Hall of Fame. Aside from winning a World Series, I would imagine that this is one of the grandest feats an MLB player could ever achieve. If you took the time to see what Ken Griffey Jr. had to say during his speech at the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony, you probably took a quick glance at what he was wearing on his feet. From a distance, the dress shoes appeared to be “regular” Brown dress shoes. What you didn’t know is that they were made by Nike especially for The Kid. The Brown leather dress shoes feature a tonal Nike Swoosh embossed on each toe and even more Nike branding can be found on the insoles. Thoughts on the dress shoe? Is it a good look with the branding and all?

P.S. Ken Griffey Jr.’s suit and tie game was also on point. Check it out!

via: therealkengriffeyjr

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