Kemba Walker and Under Armour’s contract had recently expired, and both sides mutually agreed that it was time to move on and go their separate ways. Today we got news that Kemba Walker was not a sneaker agent for too long as he has already agreed to sign with none other than Jordan Brand.

This move makes the most sense since Kemba Walker plays for the Charlotte Hornets, which happens to be owned by Michael Jordan, which he happens to be the main man behind Jordan Brand. Why not keep it all in the family, right? Jordan Brand already has a couple of Charlotte Hornets under contract, such as Al Jefferson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Cody Zeller, adding Kemba makes perfect sense. Don’t be surprised if soon enough we see every single Hornet member rock Jordan sneakers.

via: Rick Bonnell

 Author’s Take

This move makes perfect sense for all parties involved. Jordan Brand/ Michael Jordan should consider signing every relevant player on the Hornets roster. We wish you nothing but the best, Kemba!

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