Kanye is up to something again.

Yeezy was active on Twitter again this morning and he seems to be in a giving mood.

Huh? Is this really true? Where do we sign up? What Yeezys do we get hooked up with? Knowing Kanye West this was probably just another one of his “tweets for attention” that he’s been dishing out the last few weeks. Kanye also mentioned on Twitter that he is using sneakers as a stepping stone for bigger and better things that he hopes to accomplish in the future.

So who will be getting these “free Yeezys”? According to adidas Global Director Of Entertainment and Influencer Marketing Jon Wexler, West was referring to giving Yeezys to the paparazzi.

Welp. Looks like it was all just a pipe dream. We should have known better.

via: Kanye West / wex1200
h/t: Sole Collector

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