The rumor mill has been swirling this week about Kanye West and his move to German sportswear/footwear company Adidas, culminating in confirmation earlier today. This would will mark him severing ties with shoe giant Nike after a seemingly successful five year partnership. A partnership which yielded the groundbreaking¬†Nike Air Yeezy, as well as the Nike Air Yeezy 2. West did’t get too inflammatory about the Oregon based company, but he did site creative control differences as well as money differences while breaking down some of his grippes. He would go on to imply that his new deal will put him more in the driver’s seat with both facets. And this doesn’t see to far fetched for an Adidas endorsee as Jeremy Scott and Teyanna Taylor seem to have a good amount of creative control. Check out Mr. West’s interview on Hot 97 with Angie Martinez below.

Source: Hot97 / missinfo