Uh oh! What’s Kanye wearing now?! Does that mean this shoe’s resale value is about to skyrocket out of the building?! Sadly, yes.

Aside from rocking an outfit that he would wear while I was still in college (you do the math), he’s also rockin’ a pair of the Yeezy 350. No not the one’s droppin later on this month, but the black ones. We’ve seen these before during his fashion show, but this has to be the first time we’ve seen him wearing them. So what’s the verdict now that you’ve seen him wear them? Are they “fire” now? You don’t even have to answer, I already know.

via: The Shoe Game

Author’s Take

I’m just messing with all the Yeezy fans out there. I just find it hilarious how you do and think what ever Kanye does and thinks. I guess it’s time for y’all do bring back the 3x-tall tees too, huh?

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