If you’re an NBA fan then you may have heard the news that free agent big man DeAndre Jordan is having 2nd thoughts on joining the Dallas Mavericks next season and may want to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers. It turns out that he’s meeting with the Clippers management today (and a few of their players) and will also meet with the Mavericks tonight so he can make his REAL final decision tomorrow. Hopefully.

Well Chandler Parsons, who was a big part of the recruitment of Jordan, took to Twitter to show that he’s on his way to finish off his recruitment of the high coveted big man. Clippers players also joined in on the fun signaling that they’ll also be trying to lure their big man back to Hollywood.



Then it got really fun and Kobe Bryant decided to join in with a little emoji fun of his own.


He obviously has more championships than all of the players above combined, so he wants to remind the rest of the world.

THEN…the Jordan Brand twitter hit us with this GEM!



Game, set, match! You win Jordan Brand, you win!

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