Do you know how much money Michael Jordan made throughout his entire 15-season NBA career? You may be surprised at the number considering how much NBA players make today, but Jordan earned a total of $94 million in his exceptional and decorated tenure in the NBA.

Now, do you know how much money he made with Jordan Brand in the year 2014 alone? Well you’re gonna be surprised at this number too because it surpasses what MJ made in his ENTIRE NBA career. According to PBS, Nike cut Mike a check for $100 million after Jordan Brand earned $2.6 billion last year. Jordan has eight times the sales of the signature shoes for the top active NBA star, LeBron James . I’ll give you a second or two to take that in. One hundred million dollars! If Michael knew he was gonna make this much money after retiring I’m sure he would have called it quits a lot sooner than he did.

Celebrity Dollars Bills (via Etsy)
Celebrity Dollars Bills (via Etsy)

What are your thoughts on how much money Michael Jordan made last year? And also what do you think about Michael being paid $94 million in 15 years in comparison to say Anthony Davis and his recently signed five-year $145 million contract?

via: PBS

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