Jeremy Scott @ adidas Originals LA Recap

When I first received the email about famed designer Jeremy Scott hitting Los Angeles, I know I wanted to take a few minutes to meet with him. As a site that appreciates the sneaker culture, I feel it is important that we expose our readers to more than just the “norm”. The work that Jeremy has done with adidas Originals represents a divergence from the norm and has taken a high fashion aesthetic to the streets, all the while maintaining the integrity of the Originals brand.

Jeremy Scott @ adidas Originals LA RecapOddly enough, for a man the creates such bold and loud designs, my first meeting with him showed a more subdued less over the top character than most of us have probably imagined. To be frank, he was almost shy. After explaining to him the demographic of KicksOnFire, I asked Jeremy about his inspiration. His answer, though prefaced with “you use inspiration as a way to hide what some of your readers really think”, was both thoughtful and surprising. He was clearly aware of the “sneakerhead” market and genuinely excited that his work was being viewed favorably. He also noted that he reads the comments on several sites and has seen the vitriol that has become so commonplace in on sites such as ours. On one hand, he loved the passion of the community and the culture, but he was a bit taken a back by how harsh people can be if they don’t like something. I assured him that he has to take the good with the bad, and its best not to give to much credit to either.

Jeremy Scott @ adidas Originals LA RecapOutside of the inspiration, I asked about the performance sector of adidas and if he ever thought he would design for Rose or Howard. While he was definitely interested, the folks at 3-Stripe had yet to extend an olive branch to him in that area. However, we should note that he has put together a few things for next season that bridge the category. Finally, I took a moment to talk to Jeremy about who exactly he designs for. From a very narrow point of view, you can see Scott’s work as runway clothing, and on the other, you see it as fodder for those that like to just dress outside of the box. To Jeremy, it was neither. He designs, though outside of the box, are rooted in our culture. His goal is to use iconic images from our past and implement them in a way that shares the experience with the world. A great example is the JS Wings.Well received by the sneaker community, the wings represent everything from angels, to flying, to greek gods. Though he didn’t reveal his exact inspiration, he relished in that fact that so many people had adopted the shoe in their own way and it meant something different to each one of them.

After my brief interview with Jeremy, we all went down stairs for a meet and greet with the fans who had lined up the block to meet the designer. With “hood rat music” being supplied by KESH, fans were able to briefly chop it up, take pictures, and get an autograph from the designer. Jeremy Scott @ adidas Originals LA RecapMany of the fans, who were from all walks of life, brought with them, items for Jeremy to sign. Some had t-shirts, other had shoes, while one guy had Jeremy sign the t-shirt he was wearing. However, of all the people that came, there is one in particular that stood out to almost everyone. Rocking a pair of JS Wings, a JS Watch, and a JS t-shirt, you could see the excitement building up in her as she inched closer. Once it was her turn, the excitement turned to full on joy as she covered her mouth, screamed, hugged, covered her mouth again, clapped, jumped, hugged again, covered her face, jumped, and spent in a circle. She had made the trek from Michigan to see the designer and couldn’t believe he was here, in person.

It was at this point that we really began to see the appeal of Jeremy Scott. This young girl represented the passion that he puts into his work. The time that goes into creating his designs. His response to her unbridled joy was thank you. A sincere, humbled, and honest thank you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for your joy. Thank you for your appreciation of my work. It reminded me of something he said during our interview, ” I design to make people happy.” Well on Saturday night, he made a lot of people happy. As happy a a kid with a teddy bear, or as happy as achilles with wings on his shoes.