Baseball player Jeremy Guthrie is no stranger to sneakers as he once tweeted out a picture of his sneaker “vault” which is exactly what it sounds like, a vault created just for his sneakers.

Today in special “press conference” Guthrie announced that he was going to retire from the “sneaker game.” It’s obvious that this was meant to be humorous and taken lighthearted due to the pairs of shoes sitting in as members of the media and the whole concept of having a press conference for this type of announcement. Guthrie is a well know athlete sneakerhead as he’s shown us some gems in his collection including the Air Jordan Doernbecher collection, Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 12 baseball cleats and both OVO Air Jordan 12’s.

Take a look at his press conference below and let us know what you think of this whole announcement. Was it funny to you or what were your thoughts?