Over the Summer, James Harden made the decision to leave the Swoosh in favor of the Three Stripes. By doing so, adidas gave him an endorsement deal that’s worth lots and lots of money. Now that he’s getting paid, it’s time to get to work and appear in some adidas commercials. Today, we have the first commercial James Harden has done as an adidas athlete.

The first commercial is said to be part of adidas’ Creators Never Follow series. The commercial will feature candid clips from Hardne’s social media channels, as well as him perfecting his craft on the court and some images from some other pretty funny stuff.


Harden showed how excited he was to be a part of the commercial via a press release.

“I’m really excited about my first commercial campaign with adidas and I love that this spot is true to who I am, my style of play, and represents how we’re going to disrupt the game,” said Harden. “My story is about being your own person — from how you dress to how you carry yourself. It’s simple; you’ve got to be true and genuine at all times.”

Check out his first commercial above and let us know what you think.

via: adidas