Shaquille O’neal is widely considered one of the best big men in the NBA of all time. Strength and power were his forte and was definitely one of the reasons why he was able to finish his career as a 4 time NBA champion and an NBA MVP. What if I told you the O’neal legacy may not be completely done in the NBA yet. Let me introduce to you Shaquille O’neal’s son, who has the skill set to be just as good or even better than his Dad.

Shareef O’neal is barely in the 9th grade but he is already grabbing the attention of the entire basketball world. The freshman already stands at 6’8, which kind of tells you that he has the chance of being as tall as his Pops. Get this though, the kid has some crazy athleticism that Shaq never ever had. At 6’8 he can handle the ball like a point guard, which is a pretty amazing feat. Though he is more than 4 years away from being eligible to play in the NBA, if he continues down this path, there is no question we will have the opportunity to possibly see another O’neal in the hardwood. Check out the video below so you can get an idea of how good Shareef looks as a 9th grader. Peep the Jordan and Nike footwear he’s wearing too (Why isn’t he wearing Shaq brand shoes though?!). Could this O’neal be a Nike or Jordan Brand athlete down the line? Only time will tell.

via: Hoop Mixtape

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