Is Nick Young leaving Nike for adidas?

Back in August Swaggy P was answering questions from his fans on Twitter and one fan asked him “Nike or Adidas?” to which he replied “Whoever pay me. The the following month he also hinted at getting his own sneaker, also on Twitter.

The latest development in Young’s next sneaker endorsement came last night where he didn’t have to say anything to make a strong statement. Nick Young has been known for wearing Nike/Jordan for as long as I can remember and last night he wore something from the Three Stripes, the adidas D Lillard 1. Could this be the beginning of a new partnership between Young and adidas? At the moment there hasn’t been any official announcement on whether or not Young has signed or plans to sign with adidas, but if it indeed is official I’m sure we’ll know very soon.

What are your thoughts on Nick Young possibly6 joining team adidas?

Author’s Take

Adding Nick Young to their roster can only benefit adidas. It’ll give them a player who’s entertaining to watch on and off the court, something that every fan likes. We’ll find out if it’s official soon enough.