There was a moment before my interview with Karl-Anthony Towns at E3 where seemingly every executive at Activision and Treyarch wanted to take a picture with the future lottery pick and welcome him to Los Angeles as a member of the Lakers. Neglecting the fact that the NBA Draft is still a week away, everybody was already making Towns feel at home. That’s the kind of excitement that Towns brings to the table and it also shows just how desperate hyped Laker fans are for the next great big man that will hopefully carry the iconic franchise. Towns even has an open invitation to come to the Treyarch offices anytime he wants. Not a bad deal for somebody who has been a fan of the Call of Duty video game franchise for a while now.

We had a chance to chat to Towns during E3 about video games, particularly Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, what his approach to the upcoming NBA season will be and of course, his size 20 kicks.

Jacques Slade
Jacques Slade

His thoughts on Black Ops 3:

“I’ve had a chance to play the game and it’s awesome. I’ve been enjoying the improvement (over Black Ops 2) and just like everyone else, I can’t wait until November 6. For the most part, I play Call of Duty, sports games… but Call of Duty is my favorite. It’s fun because you get to play by yourself but also with friends and it’s a good time no matter what happens.”

Why he likes the single-player campaign modes in Call of Duty:

“Definitely love single-player. Call of Duty as we all know, is mostly known for it’s multiplayer, but it’s campaign has the over the top action and that won’t disappoint.”

On everybody who has come up to him about being a future Laker:

“That shows me the passion people have here in LA, you know? And that’s understandable and if I have the chance to play for the Lakers, I would be playing for one of the great organizations of the NBA.”

If he has met with any sneaker companies about future endorsement deals once he is officially a pro:

“No, I haven’t been able to do any of that. Haven’t been able to sign with anybody. Mostly I’ve just been focused on the thing that will get me those shoes, and that’s the game of basketball and be the best player that I can possibly be.”

On whether his Kentucky teammates ever joked with him for rocking only the Nike Hyperfuse while they got to wear all sorts of player exclusives:

“(Laughs), no, they didn’t really care what I wore as I played well in them. I’m a sneakerhead without the sneakers (laughs).”

On the Jordan Futures that he was rocking at E3 (yes, they’re a size 20):

“Yeah, these are awesome. I had a chance to play in the Jordan Brand Classic and I’ve been able to get a pair of these. I feel blessed to have these (and other kicks).”