So the Under Armour Curry One “MVP” has become quite the desirable pair of kicks to own. People were either lining up for them in the few stores that had them over the weekend, waiting anxiously online and hoping UA’s servers would actually work or paying way over retail price in the secondary market. Me? I got them on a Sunday morning without any hassle other than having to suffer the indignity of standing by myself for nearly an hour outside of the Foot Locker at the Beverly Center. Crazy, I know. Here’s how that happened.

On Saturday night, I was in downtown Los Angeles for the premiere of Baron Davis’ documentary about The Drew League. By that point, I was already resigned to the fact that I missed out on the Curry One “MVP” earlier that morning because I didn’t wake up in time to get them online and there was only one location that had them and was within a reasonable driving distance. But at 7:55 pm, I still made the phone call to the Foot Locker just to see if there was even a glimmer of hope for me. And holy s**t, was there hope. Here’s me paraphrasing the conversation I had with the Foot Locker employee.

Me: Hi, do you have the Under Armour Curry One “MVP”?
Foot Locker: Yeah, we have a size 11 left.
Me: What?! Can you hold them for me to pick up. I’m 20 minutes away.
Foot Locker: I’m sorry, we can’t do that. Also, we close at 8.
Me: You close at 8? What time do you open tomorrow?
Foot Locker: We open at 10 tomorrow
Me: Argghhhh, ok, thanks…

Needless to say, I was in a bit of a bind. The following day there was going to be a party at my place and I had to be around to help prepare for it. But I also knew that I was going to be in Los Angeles tomorrow morning to grab some things for the party and maybe I could squeeze in a trip to the Beverly Center in the hope that nobody bought them in the five minutes before they closed. I had already heard about the lines and the fervor for them in different parts of the country, but if nobody copped one of the most popular sizes around in LA, maybe I wouldn’t have such a hard time. Besides, it’s an Under Armour shoe. It’s not like I’m dealing with hypebeasts who will line up for days just to cop a lame retro, right?

I ended up taking the risk on Sunday morning. I arrived at the Beverly Center at 9:55 am, hoping no one was there or had asked about the shoe. To my delight, not only was there no one waiting at the Foot Locker, there was not a person in sight at the mall, save for the occasional tourist  or mall cop arrival that was just walking around. Then 10:00 am hit and the doors weren’t opening. Minutes past and not only was Foot Locker not opening, neither were any other stores around the mall. The place was barren and that’s when it dawned on me that they gave me the wrong time. Malls around here typically open at 11 am on a Sunday and this was no exception. I was now stuck. I had errands to run and a party to get back to, but I didn’t want to waste the trip. I had to know if I was going to be able to get those kicks. It meant going against everything I believe in when it comes lining up for any product, but I was the only one around. If the kicks were still there, I was going to get it. It was just a matter of waiting an hour.

So for the first 45 minutes, I wrote my review of the Drew League documentary and caught up with the latest Jonathan Abrams column on Grantland. I was standing just outside of the store looking live every other sneakerhead you have ever since looking like a total doofus waiting for the store to open. It wasn’t until the 15 minutes prior to opening that I saw another person come over who not only wanted the same kicks that I did but also wanted the same size. So if Foot Locker had given me the correct time they were opening the night before, I would have shown up there at 10:55 am and I would have missed out. Sneaker Karma works in mysterious ways, I guess.

So here’s the Periscope broadcast leading up to the store opening. I recorded a replay of it from my iPad so you can see the chat.

And here’s our Periscope replay taking a closer look at the shoe after I had just gotten a pair without the chat.

So was it worth it? For the kicks, it’s hard to say because I haven’t worn them yet and that was kind of the point for me. For the experience that I would be able to share with our readers? Absolutely. Would I ever do it again? Probably not, but then again, I did line up for a pair of 6s last year and vowed to never do it again so anything’s possible…