As sneaker enthusiasts often times we care more about aesthetics than technology and even when we do care about how innovative it is we often only want to know what we can rock the latest colorway with. Well if you are absolutely intrigued by Nike‘s Hexagonal Zoom Air and want to get more insight into it luckily Taryn Hensley is here to break it on down.  In further explaining the design she had this to say:

“a big challenge came in developing an outsole that accommodated the zoom air pads – we couldn’t just ‘butter over them’ with rubber – we needed to work hard to find a solution where you still let you feel the benefits of zoom air, but at the same time allow for the deep grooves that provide the improved articulation.”

If you are interested beyond the typical colorway/cost breakdown roll over to Designboom to get some great insight on just how far Nike plans to take this one.

Source Designboom

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