Jordan 11 Heel

Fake Jordan 11 Everyone knows the “sneakerhead” with the fake Jordans. But then there are some fakes that are very hard to tell if they are real or not. Everyone knows the easiest way to check the authenticity is checking the box, but what if you don’t have the box? Or what if you just want to know if your friend’s are real or fake? You won’t have the box.. So here are just a few tips to point out fake Air Jordan XI’s without the box.

Fake Jordan 11 colorway

1. Colorways you’ve never heard of?

If you see a colorway that you’ve never seen or even heard of, most likely their kicks are fake. But be careful, there are a few samples of the Air Jordan XI with only a few produced, so before you make any decisions look up the colorway or even check some other hints that could show you they’re fake. But if you see an orange and purple colorway or an orange and white colorway of the Air Jordan XI, you know they’re fake.