The 22nd edition of Check My Footwork takes it to the Air Max 95. This is the 1st time any sneaker from the Air Max line has been featured in Check My Footwork. The AM95 today’s celeb is rocking dropped back in 2005 and was instantly dubbed the “Rasta” AM95 due to the red/yellow/green make up. Nike has dished out sooooo many colorways of AM95’s it would be wrong for me to ask you what’s your favorite pair huh? Yeah I know that’s tuff, but so is part 22 of CMF. As you already know this could literally be anyone, so take a minute and think about it. Hint: This person is very very rich (wow that really helped). Take a wild guess and see if you got it right or came close after the jump.

Did you get it right? Well CONGRATS if you did because I would have never guessed it was Spike Lee. Mars Blackmon Spike Lee was spotted at a basketball game with the rasta AM95’s on his feet.

Spike is a true legend to both the shoe game and the movie game. I was shocked to see him in AM95’s. He’s been rocking J’s for so long I guess he just wanted to switch it up.