Reebok will give neighborhoods gyms a run for their money with the introduction of new Fitness Studios. About ten new Reebok Fitness Studios are planned for 2014 with the first one already having opened in Mumbai. The Fitness Studios will offer aerobics, pilates, zumba and power yoga. As some of you may already know, in the US Reebok already offers “CrossFit” classes at some of their stores which does not require the use of machines, the Reebok Fitness Studios will involve fitness equipment.

Reebok expects international quality trainers and affordable rates to differentiate itself from the neighborhood gyms. Brand Director of Reebok India had this to say about the ambitious venture, “We can compare ourselves with the mid-market gyms and are even ready to give free classes to customers who buy from our stores as part of experiential marketing exercise.”

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via: HBL

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