Some may be satisfied with the way the sneaker game is existing now and some may be disappointed. From price increases to the anticipation of retroes, it’s obvious that a true sneakerhead appreciates the history of footwear. So why not pay homage to the classic tv show we all have grown to love, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Not only does Will Smith entertain us with his sense of humor and amazing acting skills, he intrigues us sneakerheads by making sure he has something fresh on his feet every episode. Here’s some of Will Smith’s best sneaker moments on the 90’s classic show.

Best Sneakers Worn by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Air Jordan V (Black/Metallic Silver)

During the legendary show’s debut episode, Will Smith displays his likeness for His Airness by arriving on the scene in Jordan’s fifth installment. With yellowing and signs of wear, it gives the shoe that classic OG look that demands the respect of true sneakerhead