Since it is Friday (thank god!) how bout we take you back in the day with a Flashback Friday fun fact. Specifically let’s go back 30 years on this exact day, September 12th, 1984. That was the day that Michael Jeffrey Jordan signed his rookie contract with the Chicago Bulls. Anyone else think it’s crazy how 30 YEARS have gone by since MJ first began playing in the NBA?

Jordan was the 3rd overall pick of the 1984 NBA Draft at the tender age of 21. Once he signed that first contract with the Bulls the rest is history. Everything that Michael accomplished will never be forgotten, including winning 6 NBA Championships and NBA Finals MVP awards, 5 regular season MVP’s, 14 NBA All-Star appearances, 10 All-NBA First Team selections, 10 x NBA Scoring Championships and so much more.

Take a look at a clip of MJ stuntin’ during his rookie season below.

Were you old enough to watch Jordan dominate the 90’s or do you know of him more based off of his retros? Let us know in the comments.

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