Earlier today we provided you with images of upcoming Nike Roshe Run shoes that were given the leather woven treatment, now we have yet another pair of Nike Roshe Run Wovens, this time around designed with a suede overlay.

The Nike Roshe Run keeps re imaging itself over and over again. Whether it be a change of materials on the upper, different sole, an array of prints and textures, it seems like the Nike Roshe Run continues to evolve as time goes by. Sometimes in the sneaker game you need to have constant change in order to stay relevant and fresh, but at the same time never forget where you came from and how you get here (message!). Back to the shoe at hand, the latest Nike Roshe Run Woven is seen here with a black suede consuming all of the upper while the woven part of the sneaker appears in the toe box giving this Roshe Run its unique look. Perforation hits make up the Nike Swoosh resulting in a minimalist look on the upper, which is then offset by a Natural Motion midsole that is sliced in half. The upper half is dressed in various colors, including a yellow that transitions into a pink, in which soon after becomes a shade of purple, while the lower half is in a white to balance out the vibrancy up top.  The Natural Motion sole and its colorful exterior really compliment the upper’s suede and woven pattern, giving the shoe a great aesthetic presence. The shoe does not have a release date as of today, but can be pre ordered online through select retailers. Check back at KoF, as we’ll be sure to provide you with release information as soon as it becomes avaiable.

via: Luis Aviaroma

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