This Thief Thought He Could Steal Nike KDs By Stuffing Them in His Pants

If you’re going to steal a pair of shoes from a retail store (don’t ever do that) the least you can do it at least go in with a plan that has a chance of working. If you’re a dumb repeat offender like the guy in this story, the chances of you getting away with a crime are slim to none.

35-year-old Paul Perez III was arrested on his TENTH theft charge last month for stealing a pair of sneakers.

According to the report from KSAT12:

An arrest affidavit stated that a worker at Academy Outdoor and Sports recognized Perez from prior thefts at the store in the 7500 block of NW Loop 410 and began watching him when he walked into the business on Dec. 31.

The affidavit stated that he told police he saw Perez stuff a pair of Kevin Durant basketball shoes, worth about $130, into his pants and then walk out the store without paying.

The worker said that when he confronted him, Perez cussed and threw a security sensor at him, the affidavit stated.

So not only did this dude stuff a pair of KD’s down his pants and thought he was gonna get away with it, but he stole from a store that he’s been caught stealing from before!!! The store employee was later able to identify Perez in a photo and police made the arrest. Thankfully no one was hurt and the criminal has been apprehended.

via: KSAT12