Hypothetically speaking, if you were to have an endless amount of incoming income, would you buy yourself a pair of Js every day? To put it in perspective, that would be 365 new shoes every year! Well, it turns out the Fetty Wap claims to doing just that.

Fetty Wap is one of hip-hop’s newest and most succesful rappers on the scene today and with success, comes money, and with money comes the ability to buy a pair of Js every day without hesitation. His hits such as “Trap Queen” have propelled him to be one of the hottest commodities that the hip hop world has to offer. He recently spoke with Maxim and he let them know that his fetish for Jordans goes beyond coppin’ a new pair every weekend, he actually gets a pair on the daily.


While the upstart still has a Paterson zip code, he has another place a few towns over, in Hackensack, that doubles as a gigantic walk-in closet. One room is entirely filled with Jordans— a fetish he adopted while selling mixtapes on street corners. Any extra income from those sales went straight to his sneaker habit. Now he buys a pair a day. “People are getting shot over these,” he says, running a hand over his Air Jordan XI’s, a.k.a. “Space Jams.” In his bedroom is an extensive collection of Robin’s Jeans, straight from the factory. “I like mine with different-colored zippers,” he says of his exclusive denim. Collaborating with their designer, Robin Chretien, is the next item on his career bucket list, and Fetty is slowly becoming a fixture in the company’s New York City offices. 

via: Maxim

 Author’s Take

Damn. I don’t think I’d be able to do that even if I had the chance to. I’m currently trying to downsize while homie over here it buying a pair a day. Bruh.


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