Featured Member - David85

David85 has been playing ball in Jordan 13’s since he acquired his first pair in the 2nd grade. In love with the fit and the style, he stacked his chips for years to build his collection and it is far from complete. After a year of collecting Jordans, he found a new love for Nike SB’s and jumped on those. His favorite SB’s in his collection are the Tiffanys, but he would love to own the Paul Brown highs. While once a victim of being a hypebeast, it is now David85s pet peeve, and he subscribes to the philosophy of buying what you like, not what is hyped. Judging by his collection, it has proved him well.

Nickname: David85
Age: 17
Favorite Brand: Nike
Favorite Kicks: Jordan 3s
Shoe Size: 10.5
Website: http://my.kicksonfire.com/profile/david85

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