eS Breeze - Black - White / Turquoise

Now, it’s in the nature of marketing and advertising these days for companies to make claims about how their products perform miracles.  We at Kicks On Fire take everything with a grain of salt, but here is an exception.  In the next line, we are going to make a bold statement, so get ready…

The eS Breeze – Black – White / Turquoise is the lightest and most breathable skateboarding shoe in the world. Yes.  That’s right.  We said it.  Here’s a more detailed look at the shoe so we can back our words up!

The Breeze is packed with features that make it extremely light, without sacrificing comfort or performance.  The shoe is designed with a light STI Foam Level 0 footbed cushioning system.  Exposed EVA flex grooves give a boost to your forefoot performance while at the same time making the shoe lighter.  For added comfort, in addition to the STI foam the footbed also comes with molded polyurethane for extra padding, along with a full-length EVA midsole.

In terms of breathability, there is open cell mesh everywhere: in the the tongue, the insole, and even the upper, which combines leather with mesh.  The tongue is also designed with the System Flo2, a trademarked construction for superior airflow.  Finally, the funky looking exposed TPU heel plate increases ventilation while also making headway in lateral and medial heel stability.

On top of everything we’ve already mentioned, the shoe LOOKS good, too.  The exposed EVA components are eye-catching, and the black upper and midsole are accented with bright turquoise.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Try on a pair for yourself!  Available at local eS retailers.

Via BSS.