Eley Kishimoto x Vans “Living Art” Collection

British design house Eley Kishimoto and Vans have partnered up for a collection of wearable art with Vans footwear, apparel and accessories. Eley Kishimoto is known for its bold, vibrant prints, and it’s apparent with the new collection they have cooked up with Vans.

The Vans x Eley Kishimoto “Living Art” collection comes to life in ready-to-wear silhouettes for men and women. A five-piece installment ranging from short-sleeve button downs, raglan tees, socks, backpacks and a reversible bucket hat are available exclusively for men in Kishimoto’s Flash print. Women’s apparel complements the men’s line showcasing Kishimoto’s Magnolia Hysteria print on simple, feminine silhouettes ranging from a dress, tees, totes, accessories and a lightweight reversible parka.

Check out some of the collection above and let us know if you plan on scooping up any items from the Eley Kishimoto x Vans Collection “Living Art” Collection this month. You can find all of the items from the collection right here.

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Author’s Take

Vans is always teaming up with different designers and brands to create some amazing capsules/collection. This project with Eley Kishimoto is another dope addition.

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