Dwyane Wade Discusses Design Process of Jordan Fly Wade

Earlier we told you guys that today, April 4, 2011, Jordan Brand officially unveiled the Jordan Fly Wade. D Wade played a major role in the design of the shoe, as he collaborated with JB Creative Director Mark Smith. Today at the shoe’s launch, the two sat down to discuss a number of things, including the origin, inspiration, design process, and other specifications of the shoe. D Wade also emphasized how great it felt to finally have is own Jordan Brand shoe.

Dwyane spoke for a while about the importance of having his shoe be ultra light in terms of weight:

“Today, everyone’s moving lighter,” said Dwyane Wade.. “At this time of the year, you have tired and heavier legs because it’s been a long season. This is shoe is something I will definitely transition into for the playoffs. You need every advantage you can get during this time.”

Mark went on to state that it was essentially a bit of a challenge to keep the shoe so light, when factoring D Wade’s aggressive play:

“One of the biggest challenges was trying to keep this guy’s (Dwyane Wade’s) feet centered all while being solid and lighter,” said Mark Smith. “You don’t want to lose the benefits of keeping it stable by trying to make a lightweight shoe. It won’t be the lightest out there, but it is the lightest Jordan.”

When asked about his participation in the design process, Dwyane said that he just let the designers do their jobs:

“I’m a fan of the brand, and they have done some unbelievable things,” said Wade. I wanted to see what these guys could come up with and then work from there. These guys are great and that’s why the brand is as successful as it is. We played with a lot of different styles and looks and both sides were happy with the way it came out.”

Shown below are images from the launch, including the two discussing the design, as well as blueprints, and several different colorways that we previewed in our earlier feature as well. Enjoy the pictures ahead.