DrakeVsLilWayneCapcom - Front

Without a doubt, the must-see tour of the summer has been Beyonce and Jay Z Justin Timberlake Jack White Katy Perry Whatever EDM DJ is hot this second Drake Vs. ‘Lil Wayne sponsored by Capcom.  The two biggest rappers of this generation (sigh…) have teamed up for a 31 city tour that started this past August.  For fans of the genre, this is a rare opportunity to see their favorites in a live venue.  But for sneakerheads, this is their chance to see what kind of crazy shenanigans (and kicks) ‘Lil Wayne is feeling that night and what Jordan retro heat Drake is going to bring out.  In fact, Jordan Brand has even put together special edition Air Jordan 3s inspire by the tour’s logo, a recreation of the iconic Street Fighter title screen that dominated the video game scene during the early 1990s.

While the images of the “Drake Vs. ‘Lil Wayne” Jordan 3s that have hit the internet have been disappointing (nice lace swap and airbrushed collar, guys), people should not be sleeping on the video game company that inspired those kicks.  Since the days of the NES, Capcom has been making some of the most beloved video game franchises of all-time, including Mega Man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter and many more classics.  Some of these games have even crossed over into other forms of media, to varying (Resident Evil movies? Ok…) degrees (Street Fighter movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme rife with irony? Yes!) of success.  From Nike Dunks in Street Fighter to Mega Man-inspired PUMAs, here is a look at Capcom’s history with sneakers.