It’s a very adorable Pomeranian literally swimming in a sea of adidas Yeezy Boost 350s like he’s Scrooge McDuck and Kanye West’s “Power” is playing. Some people think it’s funny, cute and heart-warming because dogs are funny, cute and heart-warming. Others not so much…

So where do you stand in this very serious matter? Discuss in the comments and on social media with the maturity and reverence that it deserves. Or something, I don’t know. If people can laugh at something as absurd as “what are thoooooooooose?”, they can appreciate this.

Also, never forget #DogsWithKicks started here, years before National Dog Day had everybody posting their dogs next to Yeezy Boosts.

Today is #NationalDogDay and @ezyville's dog Swaggy is checking out the latest arrival to the #KoFMailbox

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(Thanks to @LuccaThePom for making my day)



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