You might see DJ Khaled these days mostly as a social media icon and his role as a unintentional motivational speaker, but did you know that he was also a Champs Sports employee once upon a time? It’s easy to forget sometimes that most celebrities come from humble beginnings and had to start somewhere before they became internationally known. For Khaled, it was the days of helping out folks like you and me search for the hottest kicks.

In the latest episode of The Drop by Champs Sports, Khaled talks about his start at Champs and how his love for sneakers and the culture grew from there. He also touches on his massive sneaker collection and the things that the loved back then that still resonate with him to this day and how social media has really elevated the love of kicks to a whole new level. You can watch the full episode at the Champs Sports blog, TheDrop.

DJ Khaled x Champs