When you’re not in your kicks and need something else to slide into, what do you turn to? You can be looking at other sneaker slip ons, or you can just get a pair of actual slip ons. Not from Nike, not from adidas, not Buscemi brand, but any of these fine looking Diamond Supply Co. Fairfax Slides.

Nike and adidas slides are a little predictable in appearances, and we can’t deny that although the latest Buscemi slides we looked at were dope, no one wanted fork out anything in the triple digits. So don’t. Turn to a mint, red or black colored Diamond Supply Co. Fairfax Slide for $40 at your local Diamond Supply Co. retailer.

Source: Packer Shoes

Author’s Take

I normally stick to adidas slides, but now I’m thinking I need to widen my horizons. These Diamond slides are looking phresh. (Yes, they’re so dope they changed Fresh to Phresh).

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