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Image: 2K Sports

Note: The following piece was first published in November 2013. Edits or additions are either crossed out or in red. It’s amazing how little has changed…

This past week Tuesday Derrick Rose went down with a torn meniscus on his right knee, ruling him out possibly for the rest of the 2013-14 2014-15 NBA season. It feels like a cruel joke to NBA fans; we’re being robbed of one of the most explosive players of this generation and somebody who felt like a throwback to the “good old days” of the league when players weren’t forming super teams and were more than content to build a contender the old-fashioned way. This was supposed to be a justification of Rose’s decision to sit out an entire season nearly two seasons even though his teammates were gutting it out with their own injury issues. It’s safe to assume that we all thought that Rose would be rusty out of the gate, but in time he would get his legs back under him again and we would get pre-injury Rose in time.

Instead, we got Penny Hardaway. Wait, what?

This week year, we are seeing the release of two new pairs of the Nike Air Penny 5 6 and a new colorways of the Nike Air Foamposite One. These days, Hardaway is a beloved figure among NBA fans and sneakerheads alike, often being cited as an example of how much better the NBA and its sneaker game was back in the 1990s. Meanwhile, Rose is being destroyed on social media and more legitimate sources as being weak and quitting on his team and for having cursed kicks. As quick as we are to bring Rose down, we are also quick to forget that we’ve seen this story play out before and you’d think that we would know better by now. Yeah…