This isn’t the first time twin brothers Dee & Ricky collaborate with Puma, but many would say this one is the most bold and influential. Said to be dropping in the Fall and Winter of this year, here’s a quick look at what this upcoming collection has to offer.

The new collection will consist of shoe being influenced by the twin’s hometown of New York. This New York-inspiration is placed on the uppers of several different Puma models. Patterns, lettering, textures, colors, velcro are just some of the things used on the shoe’s uppers. All these items are meant to be the inspiration stemming from visual language of Massimo Vignelli’s subway map and graffiti art. Aside from the shoes, clothing will also be available. Dropping on July 16th, how many of you are looking forward to this release?


h/t: TSG

Author’s Take

It’s creative, but for me, a little too much is going on with these pairs. It’s a pass for me.

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