It’s National Kissing Day everyone and we already know that a couple that collects together, stays together. If you’re like me, this day just reminds you that you’re alone. And when you see couples rocking heat together, you might even get a little annoyed. But thanks to our sneakerhead friends on the Gram, we’ve got some pretty dope couple shots that might shake that feeling. Though some shots may be a little cliche, the heat they’re rocking makes up for it. Scroll along and let us know which couple shots you favored.

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1. @bguira25


Every couple shot never looks cute to me, it looks like it’s a stand-off. And right now, it’s a stand off between the Vans WTAPS Chukkas and the Vans Murakami Multi Floral Slip-Ons. It’s hard to tell who wore it better, but it can definitely be said that together, it’s a bomb pairing.

2. @julilikesthis


Who couldn’t smell these a mile away? Dunks are my favorite couple shots to see, especially when it’s the Skunks. Skunks aren’t the most fun creatures out there, but when you catch them paired up you cant help but feel high…off love.

3. @dilara

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Huarache’s for the win! It’s not just about Jordans guys (yet it is). When two couples are out and about in these, they might not turn as many heads as some other heat might, but that’s when you know you’re collecting for the right reasons.

4. @photogems


Nothing says love and “kiss me” like the Jordan 6 and 7, especially in Infrared fashion. Next to Dunks, (or tied for first, but Dunks are still my favorite) Jordans always turn heads when couples rock them together.

5. @bigblizz

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How about some Bred loving to go around? Put your girl or put your guy in some Jordan 11 and it’s a wrap. You’ll have green eyed monsters everywhere–starting with me.

6. @sk8ing_forever


It’s not just Nike and Jordans that couples are rocking these days. (this photo actually got mad likes, just saying). While couples rock kicks together, it’s even doper when they’re hot off the #OffTheWall shelves.

7. @layessika

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Nike Air Max 90 “Cork”. Enough said. These were some of the most sought after Air Max 90s this year, so there was no surprise that I saw a number of couples rocking these things. Whether you’re out and about or celebrating by popping the cork off a bottle of champagne for the anniversary, these are perfect for the occasion.

8. @the_dirty_p


Blue and White color schemes aren’t just for the Legend Blues, in fact the colorway looks just as dope when it comes to the Air Jordan Columbia 4s. It’s hard trying to find kicks that both your lady/man can rock, considering GS wearers are a little limited when it comes time to rock some heat, but here they have it nailed.

9. @achdukackedikker


The adidas Originals ZX Flux is in the house. These runners became super popular super fast, but who didn’t see that coming? It’s the cliche, but cute, tip-toed kissing photo that I’ve never had the opportunity to take (can you taste the saltiness?).

10. @jam_master_jays


You don’t always have to match when it comes time to couple it up, ya know. It’s cool to see some couples matching, but it’s just as cool to see some mix and mingle between some Jordans and Lebrons as well.

If you, like me, have no one to rock kicks with–don’t beat yourself up. Just wear enough heat for two when you get the chance. Or get a blow up doll and put them in kicks and fake it until you make it.