So this Air Jordan 4 sample popped up in our timeline recently. Which makes us wonder, could this very well be on upcoming Air Jordan 4 release?

The colors are nothing new as it opts to go with a classic red and white look. The part of the shoe that makes it mysterious and makes us wonder if it will be in fact a possible release is the “Alternate 89” print that is seen on the inside of the heel tab. The “Alternate 89” means that this shoe was the alternate version of the shoe that eventually came out that year, which I am almost positive they are talking about the Air Jordan 4 Fire Red. As of right now, all this talk about a possible release is pure speculation and nothing is certain, but if this shoe would end up releasing, would you be stoked about the release or is too similar to the current Air Jordan 4 Fire Red that released a few years ago? Let us know in the comments below.


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