Converse Sells an Absurd Amount of Chuck Taylors Every Day

Converse just released the new and improved Chuck Taylor 2 last week and now we have learned to that Chuck Taylors have been selling at an unbelievable rate.

According to the New York Times who recently spoke¬†with Geoff Catrill, Vice President and General Manager at Converse, “Converse sells more than 270,000 pairs of Chucks a day, 365 days a year.” This calculates to about 100 millions pairs per year, and these numbers are before the introduction of the Chuck II.

We can only imagine what those numbers will be like a year from now once people are better introduced and get more familiar with the Chuck II. Are you surprised to hear about the success of Converse and the Chuck Taylor or did you already know this?

via: New York Times

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