Just a mere 14 years ago, Converse Inc. was a bankrupt shoe business, a century old name with century old customers. It all stemmed from the lack of sales, the lack of no and innovative hip sneakers.

Now Converse is thriving with business and sales are booming. This was done by completely transitioning from on-court shoes to casual apparel sneakers. Converse really has made a staple in the fashion world for themselves, ranging from black and white classic to full blow pattern madness they are back to being relevant.

“The really fascinating thing about Converse is that the company went bankrupt as an athletic brand,” Calhoun said. “The reason we’re still around is that these kids that we now call cool kids, who weren’t once cool kids — they were punks, they were starving artists, they were sort of outside on the fringes — kept us going.”

It just goes to show, sometimes it’s not the big wigs and head honcho’s that keep the business afloat. Sometimes its the little people with design in mind and ready re brand. Converse is now back looking for those type of people, to reinvent this iconic brand.


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