Totally possible. Image: shoe_wolf

So the sneaker internets isn’t happy (shocking, I know) over a purported image of the Air Jordan 5 “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that leaked over the weekend.  The fervor was pretty high as this meme so eloquently summed it up…

Totally possible. Image: shoe_wolf
Totally possible. Image: shoe_wolf

Even though the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air last aired a new episode before many of the kids reading this were even born, it has become a touchstone of 90s nostalgia that almost anybody can relate to.  Will Smith’s classic sitcom has lived on through syndication, countless Youtube clips, hilarious GIFs (which we used because why not?) and for sneakerheads, the countless sneakers that Will wore.  And because the show is so beloved, expectations were high that Jordan Brand would blow our minds with their tribute.

CoK Fresh Prince - 1
Unconfirmed Air Jordan 5 “Fresh Prince”. Image: fyk7

Naturally, many are quick to already dismiss the sneaker before even giving it a chance. But as the Nike KD 6 showed us, all it takes is an official picture or seeing it in person to change opinions.  It is far too early to dismiss the Air Jordan 5 “Fresh Prince” at this point (be honest, you would be lining up now if they had called these the “NERF” Air Jordan 5s instead), so for all those who already hate it, just breathe and resist the temptation to complain on Twitter. Ok, you can complain, just don’t tag us, please…

While the Air Jordan 5 will undoubtedly be the most high-profile unofficial sneaker tribute to the show yet, it is certainly not the first in recent memory.  Last year, both Reebok and adidas released kicks with Fresh Prince influences in the form of the Reebok Zig Encore and adidas D Rose 3.0, drawing from their signature athlete’s – in this case, John Wall and Derrick Rose – favorite shows.  Because the Zig Encore “Stay Fresh” took it to the extreme with their liberal borrowing of every color that was used in the show intro, it was only limited to 100 pairs and did not really make that much of an impact on sneakerheads.  The adidas D Rose 3.0 actually uses the same color on the upper as the Zig Encore but resist the temptation to make it a morass of pink, yellow and others by essentially making a sneaker version of the shirt Will use when he first came in to Bel-Air in the show’s pilot epiosde.

CoK Fresh Prince - 2
Reebok Zig Encore “Stay Fresh”
CoK Fresh Prince - 3
adidas Rose 3.0 “South Side”

So vote now in the poll below and let us know which ones do you think were the best Fresh Prince tribute.