Clash of the Kicks - Air Jordan 13 Flints Vs Air Jordan 11 Cool Grey

Unless you’ve been in haitus for the past couple of days, you should know by now that the release of the Air Jordan 13 Flints and the Air Jordan 11 Cool Greys has been confirmed for this Holiday 2010. This week’s Clash of the Kicks puts the two heavy-weight contenders head to head to see which pair you would snatch up if you could only pick one. Kind of hard right? (no homo) If you had two children, one named Flint and the other Cool Grey, who would you pick?

Jordan Brand definitely seem to be feeding our addiction with all these retro releases. Remember when KicksOnFire first wrote the article: Sneaker Rant: Air Jordans – Rest In Peace (R.I.P) last year? And we asked: “Is this the end of the Air Jordan Brand?” And most of you guys answered: “Waiting for Retros ONLY…” I guess someone at Jordan Brand finally listened and decided to bless Jordan collectors. But wait, with all these releases, my savings account is going to be looking pretty empty this year! Can we claim our Jordans on our taxes yet?

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