Chrome Industries isn’t a brand we hear about all the time, but fortunately for us they haven’t stayed silent for too long. Today we get a look at two renditions of the Chrome Industries Forged Rubber, a design that draws inspiration from old military boots

What’s awesome about the Chrome Industries Forged Rubber is that they’ve kept to the traditional construction of the boots worn in the army. Heating and Pressurizing techniques are used on the Forged Rubber, and the sole is literally forged to the canvas of each sneaker. Whether you’re looking at the Black or Khaki rendition, what matters is the fact that you’re looking. You can find these today on Chrome Industries’ online store.

Source: CI


Author’s Take

You might be afraid to try something new, but these are nothing to be afraid of, so why not strap them on?

The history, the construction and the colorway are all ranked a 10. So these are definitely something I’ll be giving a chance.